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Hughes riskApps

risk clinic application
cancer/medical risk assessment software

Phil is contributing with other developers on this software that is currently in use in dozens of breast and risk assessment clinics throughout the United States and around the world, and is in the process of being implemented at many others.

In addition to the creation of numerous database cleaning scripts, Phil's contributions to the project have also included the development of software to generate detailed reports and timelines with informative graphs and charts. Health care providers use these to assess the effectiveness of their risk clinics.

This system allows the patient to input his or her own family history and risk data using a Tablet PC; data may also be entered by a clinician or staff member through a desktop PC. When the Tablet system is used, the patient's data is wirelessly transmitted to the server, where the clinician can view, edit and print it.

The data is then analyzed for breast, ovarian, and other cancer risks, and a printout of risk information is generated. Printouts include risk calculations, family history and a graphical pedigree.

To learn more about this suite of applications, go to the Hughes riskApps website.