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Websites designed and developed with input from clients who share their experience of working with Debra.

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Roots & Wings

yoga and healing arts center

site created: 2008
overhauled and redesigned: March 2010

maintained weekly until I trained Maggie to do regular updates during 2014, then I did all photo work at least once a month, and major site changes as needed, until the end of 2017 when I passed its care to another developer

"Debra Griffin has been a gift from heaven! She worked with me to form my first business' website, Inner Resources, and then worked to create Roots & Wings Yoga & Healing Arts. This involved managing levels of knowledge among various people, their personal opinions and differences, while maintaining professional neutrality.

Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts website developed by debra griffin "Her work is careful and meticulous and unbelievably efficient in terms of timing. It is a great combination to have Debra's artistic talent (she is first and foremost an artist) and her detailed technical ability come together to provide an aesthetically beautiful and useable product.

"I have been, and continue to be, grateful for Debra's work."

- Karen Kuhl, Roots & Wings Yoga & Healing Arts

After Karen hired a marketing team to evaluate her site for better optimization, we did a major site overhaul and redesign (adding dynamically generated pages) that was completed in early March, 2010. This is the comment from the marketing representative:

"What an awesome job you have done! It’s so much more user friendly and yet you’ve held onto that warm, friendly feeling. Love it! I know it’s been a lot of work and it will continue to be important to keep looking at stats/enhancing it. I love when our clients listen to us!"

- Maureen O'Grady Condon, Principal, Precision Marketing Group, LLC
Marketing That Makes You Money!

Natick Massage

massages and more

natick massage, website developed by debra griffin

site created: May 2012
changes made as needed

"Very good Number one! Thank you for your patience; as always I appreciate your help. Love it! Love it love it!!! Perfect! I hardly use that word, but yes!!!"

- Shannon Geoghegan,

Hot Elements

interior designer and jeweler

site created: 2010
3 new pages added: April 2012
changes made as needed

hot elements interior design website developed by debra griffin "When it became apparent that I could no longer operate my business without a website, the hunt was on for a web designer who could interpret what I needed. Through a friend, I was introduced to Deb and immediately knew that she was the professional designer for me. I loved her style of work, and felt that Deb's artistic talents would help portray me and my interior design business. Without knowing where to start, Deb helped me put together an outline and the rest fell into place. Her ability to ask the right questions, her talent with interpreting the answers, and her creative and ingenious execution was brilliant. We worked extremely well together and I am thrilled with the results!"

- Cheryl Murphy,

Cheryl Murphy was an Alaskan resident that I worked with mostly over emails. We have never met.
She has moved to Canada now (2016). We will continue to work together when she is ready. -Debra

Dynamic Stillpoint

massage therapist, yoga teacher and more

Dynamic Stillpoint website developed by debra griffin

updated an existing site
performs regular maintainance since Nov. 2010

added new inspiration pages (6) with new layout: 2012
improved her blog and educated Mare to change it alone: fall 2014
helping when needed

"My experience working with Deb on two web sites has been a total joy. She has a calm and steady presence and I felt supported in just the right way as my creative process unfolded. As an artist herself, Deb brings an understanding and honoring of the elusive nature of the creative process. I also enjoyed working with Deb because she is a very clear communicator, everything was very well executed as a collective effort. With kindness, professionalism and patience Deb helped me to bring what was in my head, into reality. Her integrity is unsurpassed, and when she says she will do something she does it, and she does it quickly. She listened and understood design ideas with ease, and helped create web sites that I am really happy to share with the world (Roots & Wings and my own site: Dynamic Stillpoint).

"I can refer anyone to Deb with confidence that they will love not only the final product, but the entire process. Thank You Deb!"

-Mare Tomaski

For her updated site, Mare sat with me and directed me as I made her strong vision for her site changes a reality. Before this, I maintained her site that was previously designed and developed by another person. (Some of the original design was kept.) -Debra

Yogi Steve, yoga classes website developed by debra griffin

Yogi Steve

yoga classes,
cedar yoga blocks

site created: Nov. 2011
updated: May 2014

changes made as needed
another person is helping Steve now too so the site is not entirely as I designed it (as of 2016)

work on pre-existing websites

consulting, repair, edits
ongoing maintenance and hosting

"Debra's creative vision and expertise assisted me in the process of revising my website. Her unique insight and artistry helped me to make small but significant changes. It was a very collaborative experience. I highly recommend her for website consultation!"

- Jennifer Landry, Shamanic Astrology