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Websites designed and developed with input from clients who share their experience of working with Debra.

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Hope Haven

counseling services in northwest Iowa

counseling services
in northwest Iowa website developed by debra griffin

site created: late 2014
changes made as needed until Margaret wanted the site down in 2016 when she left this job

"Debra is delightful to work with. She has great ideas and applies her expertise promptly. Her passion to support others' businesses is obvious.

"I am confident that having a searchable website will make a significant contribution toward marketing my services."

-Margaret Martens, P-LMHC


views to nature

more from past client: Sandy Corcoran of

"As the Marketing Manager for TESS USA Inc, I thought it would be a huge undertaking to revamp a professional website that involved multiple levels of information and a huge image library. To my delight, working with Deb of "dagworks" made the whole process fluid and dare I say, enjoyable. TESS USA Inc. website developed by debra griffinDeb confronts any problem, concern and need with professionalism, humor and detail. It was a pleasure and the feedback we have had from architects, hospital staff and designers alike, is that the website is easy to navigate, interesting to read, visually pleasing and full of well documented and technical information. I wholeheartedly recommend Deb should you want help with your business website needs."

Over many years, I designed and maintained the TESS site. The most recent appearance of the site (see above) was later changed by new TESS personnel, Fall 2010. It still uses code I created, but has a new look and some bugs that are not mine. -Debra

Heal From Within, reiki website developed by debra griffin

Heal From Within


site created: April 2012

"Having a website is a must these days for new businesses, but it is often challenging and overwhelming to effectively express your brand message and highlight your services on the web. I was not looking forward to this difficult task until I meet Debra. Debra’s passion, creativeness, and professional expertise made this task a breeze. She was able to organize my visions and ideas after asking a few key questions, and turned it into a beautiful, coherent, and easy to use representation of my business. It was such a pleasure to work with Debra; her ease with the computer combined with her artistic talents made the project a true success."
- Susan, Reiki Master Teacher,

2012 note: After I developed her site and gave her lessons on how to edit the HTML, Susan is now maintaining and changing it herself. -Debra

The Able Table

cooking school

site created: April 2010
site removed: 2013, owner request

"Deb, you are truly a unique combination of artistic talent and technological know-how. Your assistance, ideas, suggestions and collaborative approach were invaluable in helping two novices create our first site, in record time.

"I can’t tell you enough how pleased we are with our site. It is both visually appealing and completely functional. Your disciplined approach, collaborative nature and client focused attitude, along with corresponding via phone and email made the process simple. able table cooking class website developed by debra griffin We also appreciate your responsiveness and attention to detail that led us the entire way.

"A pleasure to work with!

"With grateful appreciation,"
Robert LoRe and Karen Neri

Amy's glassworks website developed by debra griffin

Amy's Glassworks

jeweler &
stained glass artist

site created: 2009-2010

Amy Lingham lives in my same town. I taught her how to take pictures of her jewelry, crop and resize her images, how to use Excel to prepare the data for me, and much more. This was an extensive project since it shows her work made over many years. -Debra

Feb. 2012: Amy decided to take down her site for personal reasons. I can show you her site as it was in its glory, on my computer.